snd_hda works on i386, fails on amd64 (RELENG_7)

Alexander Motin mav at
Mon Jun 15 11:10:53 UTC 2009

Rick C. Petty wrote:
> That helped.  I still need to set sc->support_64bit to 0 in
> hdac_get_capabilities().
> I added code so I can override this setting using device.hints.  Could you
> maybe see about getting the following code committed?  Feel free to fix it
> up as necessary.  Thank you,

Ok, I will look on it, but could you instead first try one more thing,
may be it help. Change first arguments of bus_dma_tag_create() calls
from NULL to bus_get_dma_tag(sc->dev). May be some parent bus will be
able to announce 32bit limitation correctly without need to specify it.

Alexander Motin

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