Help picking a video card and other related gear

Dieter freebsd at
Sat Apr 11 22:40:38 PDT 2009

> I don't believe that the radeon driver does currently, but XvMC is
> only useful for mpeg2 content, which limits it somewhat.

Bridgman doesn't care about video decoding, so it is at the very bottom of
the ATI list.  :-(  Grarpamp mentioned OTA ATSC which is mpeg2, so XvMC is
useful.  (And also what I'm looking for.)  Supposedly VIA extended XvMC
so that it is useful for other codecs.  But I haven't found info about
which boards openchrome supports, and what features really work.

> > Recent GPUs can offload most of the video decode duties, but this
> > hasn't been documented and FLOSS code hasn't been implemented yet.
> > (Unless you can find something in the Chrome family you like.)
> Not sure about that actually... VIA has released docs, but we don't have
> drm support at this point as I still don't have VIA hardware to work on.

Sorry, the "hasn't been documented and FLOSS code hasn't been implemented yet."
referred to ATI's UVD/UVD2.  And my info on VIA is minimal.

> > The best source of info on the state of ATI FLOSS I've found is
> >  The gang there is mostly penguins,
> > but I'm assuming that anything that goes into should
> > work on BSD?
> Mostly... I'm actually ahead of the penguins on ATI support right now.
> At least as far as having code pushed and in mainline trees.


>> 2) The ability to color calibrate one or both cards via the xorg
>>    driver would be useful. I can spyder it from a windows box so
>>    just having the xorg knobs would suffice.  Does anyone do this
>>    under xorg?

> You can set rgb gamma, is that what you are referring to?

Grarpamp might be talking about something like this:

So far I haven't seen one of these articles explain what happens
"under the hood".

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