problem with sound volume on pcbsd using snd_hda

Igor Ralets mad.dustman at
Sun Nov 2 09:05:09 PST 2008

Thank you for suggestion.
I've installed 7.1-BETA and mixer is working, after using the same steps
with loading snd_hda, although "<HDA Codec: Realtek (Unknown)>" is still
unchanged. Probably it's not codec after all, but KDE/PCBSD specific
weirdness, since OS version difference is less than a month. There's also
only one /dev/mixer0 for a change.

On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 9:17 AM, Alexander Motin <mav at> wrote:

> Igor Ralets wrote:
>> After installation of PCBSD-7.0.1 on amd64 box sound card didn't work.
>> Hardware compatibility list suggested snd_hda driver for ATI SB600 card
>> bundled with Asus M2A-MX mobo. Loading it with kldload helped with getting
>> sound, but volume was very low and couldn't be adjusted by any means.
>> Neither mixer(8) nor different players could do the trick.
> ATI SB600 - is a HDA bus controller. It's support is important to make
> sound work, but audio codec support is no less important. It is codec who
> actually manages all sound stuff. You can see it in "<HDA Codec: Realtek
> (Unknown)>".
> You may want to try latest snd_hda driver from -CURRENT. It is source code
> compatible. Codecs support is much improved there.
> --
> Alexander Motin

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