TV-Tuner cards ( NTSC / PAL / SECAM ) - which works best?

Rick C. Petty rick-freebsd at
Thu May 29 17:38:44 UTC 2008

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 09:30:33AM +0100, Dieter wrote:
> A lot of material is in mpeg2.  All US OTA DTV is mpeg2.  IIRC most DVDs
> and some HD-DVD & Blu-Ray are mpeg2.  IIRC most cable and sat are mpeg2
> though that may change over time.

Just for clarification, all DVDs playable in DVD players are required to be
MPEG2.  HD-DVD/Blu-Ray can be MPEG2 or MPEG4.

-- Rick C. Petty

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