sound documentation for the snd_hda (Nvidia)

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sun Nov 25 12:36:36 PST 2007

Howard Goldstein wrote:
> Chuck Robey wrote:

>> Do you know more?
> I'm afraid not.  I haven't had good luck with the hda driver.  After I
> sent my reply I turned back to using the snd_hda driver and the old
> instability I had under the 6.x release returned (symptoms: lockups
> during simultaneous SATA and audio operations).  Some digging through
> google suggested there were possibly issues with the interrupt handling,
> arising out of the multiplexing.  Unfortunately I see it now on 7.0 as
> well so I'll be falling back to it and monitoring your progress.
>> Where do the developers of the HDA code hang out, on this list?  Is
>> the snd_hda the current hda driver, and if so, where's the new code
>> going to be?
>> God, maybe I better let my questions lie quiet a bit.  I get too many,
>> and you'll never answer any of them.
> I'm not sure if snd_hda has changed since 6.X.   If you don't find
> answers here you may want to try over on one of the kernel mailing
> lists.  With no disrespect meant to the subscribers here (including
> myself!) most of the traffic here typically regards multimedia utilities
> and ports rather than kernel devices.

Well, my problem is, I want my audio working, and i don't really care 
too much exactly where it takes me.  I saw comments in the hda code 
saying that it was going to be rewritten, so that's my current target.

I did try, momentarily, the oss4 drivers I found, but they don'[t 
compile under FreeBSD-current either, so the bus structure has 
undoubtedly changed.  This means (to me) that I am woefully ignorant of 
what I need, to be able to contribute.  At least, NOW I am, but it just 
means that I need to learn it.  OK, then, I suppose my target is first 
the -current list, then the developers I see are still slowly 
contributing, when I checked cvs logs.

Thanks for the pointers.  I'm finding, there are a LOT of folks on this 
list who follow poor courtesy, top posting, not trimming context, and 
cross-posting.  Doesn't anyone care?  My mailbox is getting full from 
all the cross-posting.

I'm not perfect myself on that, but at least, I do try.  More'n some 
folks do.

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