Updated cx88 snapshot

Jason Harmening jason.harmening at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 19:36:31 PST 2007

Hi Everyone,

I've posted an updated cx88 snapshot at ftp://corona.homeunix.net/cx88_20071215.tar.gz

Here are the changes since the 20071022 snapshot:

--Kernel modules now require FreeBSD 7.0.  If you're running 6.x, you should 
still be able to use the new libtuner and cx88 app with the kernel modules 
from the 20071022 snapshot.  With the new kernel modules, the iicbus patch is 
no longer necessary.

--Includes Richard Airlie's excellent cx88ir driver for infrared remotes.

--Adds final support for Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T PCI, which brings in new 
libtuner drivers for the Thomson DTT75105 tuner and Conexant CX22702 

--Numerous changes to cx88 app:

        --The XML configuration file can optionally contain a new <config> section                              
           with the following subtags (look at the included cx88.xml for 
                -- <libtuner> Allows libtuner configuration to be embedded in XML file.  You 
                    can still optionally specify a normal text file with the -t option.
                -- <alias> Allows more convenient names for frequently used channels
                -- <default> Specifies a channel to be used at startup if                                                       
                    the -c option is omitted.

        --In interactive mode, you can now specify the following in addition to 
          normal channel numbers for the 'c' option:

                --An alias name from the XML config file
                --'default': Select the default channel from the XML config file
                --'first': Select the first channel from the current profile
                --'last': Select the last channel from the current profile
                --'up': Move up a channel.  If the current channel was selected using an 
                   alias, this will move the next channel in the list of 
                   aliases.  Otherwise, it will move to the next numerically 
                   higher channel in the current profile.
                --'down': Works the same way as 'up', but traverses the channels in the 
                   other direction.

        --In interactive mode, you can scan all channels in the current profile for 
          available signals, using the 's' option.  You'll be prompted for a minimum 
          signal strength threshold (as a percentage).

        --In interactive mode, you can stop and re-start the capture using the 'h' 
          option.  When the capture is stopped, the cx88 device may be used by other 

        --The app now supports the '-m' command-line option for specifying the MTU 
           (in bytes) for UDP captures.  If not specified, a default of 1500 is used.  
           This option may be specified more than once, and each -m option applies to 
           all subsequent -u options until the next -m option.

        --The app now supports the '-b' command-line option, which works in basically 
           the same way as the -m option, except that it specifies the internal 
           memory cache size for file captures.

        --The app now supports the '-h' command-line option, which (in interactive              
           mode only) allows it to be invoked without actually starting a capture.  
           The capture may be started at any time using the 'h' interactive command.

        --The app now supports a remote control interface, in interactive mode only.  
           If you specify a port number using the '-p' command-line option, the app 
           will listen for a TCP connection on the specified port.  A separate remote 
           control app can then connect to this port and issue commands to the cx88 
           app.  The commands must be sent as null-terminated strings, and are in 
           basically the same format as keyboard-interactive commands.  Here are some 

                Operation                                                     Remote control command string
                Move down a channel                           cdown\0
                Select channel 63                                  c63\0
                Select channel (alias) NBC                    cNBC
                Scan w/ strength thresh. of 45%           s45\0
                Display info                                            i\0
                Stop (or re-start) capture                      h\0

                The app can still be used in normal keyboard-interactive mode while a           
                remote control client is connected.  However, the app currently only 
                supports one remote control client at a time.  If a second client connects 
                to it, the first client will be disconnected.

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