HandBrake post-0.7.1

Jona Joachim jaj at hcl-club.lu
Mon Dec 3 21:20:13 PST 2007

On Sun, 02 Dec 2007 22:21:07 -0600
"Jeremy Messenger" <mezz7 at cox.net> wrote:

> On Sun, 02 Dec 2007 18:54:49 -0600, Jona Joachim <jaj at hcl-club.lu>
> wrote:
> > I was told on IRC that this is *strongly* disencouraged. It
> > shouldn't be done with 0.7.1 and it is actually impossible with
> > versions after 0.7.1 because they apply a lot of handbrake specific
> > patches to the different libraries before building them.
> With the 0.7.1, it used works great. I have taken a look at 0.9x in
> past. I knew that I can't do same thing what ahze and I did with
> 0.7x, because of too much specific patches in 0.9x.
> > While that method works well on Linux, we as FreeBSD people have a
> > problem in that these multimedia libraries (ffmpeg, ogg/vorbis,
> > matroska, ...) need FreeBSD specific patches to build. The handbrake
> > port would have to include all those patches for the different
> > libraries. I tried to make it work but it was very frustrating.
> I believe that it can be done by tweak in Makefile to fetch these
> tarballs on our own rather than use HandBrake's script. Also copy all
> of patches from other ports to patch in these different libraries
> then build these stuff. But it's too much of work and I have no
> interest in HandBrake anymore.
> > However there is one advantage to the statical linking: the
> > resulting binary can run standalone without any dependency/library
> > problems. That's why I would recommend the creation of a
> > linux-handbrake port. The Linux binary that you can download from
> > their site works under Linux compatibility without any problem on
> > FreeBSD.
> >
> > What's your point of view on this?
> Create a linux-handbrake port is a great idea. You should create  
> linux-handbrake and submit it to PR.
> BTW: I am planning to add DEPRECATED/EXPIRATION_DATE in  
> multimedia/handbrake for maybe two months before remove from our
> ports tree.

Unfortunately I discovered some major instabilities while further
testing the Linux binary on FreeBSD. It even managed to crash my
machine once.
However I successfully patched and built 0.9.1 natively on FreeBSD and
it seems to work fine until now. I'll submit a PR once I have it all
sorted out.

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