PVR-350 and the pvr250 port - report

Rick C. Petty rick-freebsd at kiwi-computer.com
Thu Oct 12 16:24:35 UTC 2006

On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 06:06:00PM +0200, Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
> > 	cat /dev/cxm0 > somefile.mpg &
> > 	mplayer somefile.mpg
> For some reason, this command fails more often (2 out of 3 attempts)
> than the other command.

What do you mean by failure?  My suggestion was only to help with the
mplayer seek problem which seems to be an issue with buffering.  This
wasn't intended to fix the tuning issue you seem to be experiencing.

> > and I'll bet your seek problems will disappear (until you seek past
> > the end of the stream, obviously).
> How much did you bet? :-)
> Seriously, my guess is that the failures are related to this message
> in /var/log/messages:
> Oct 12 18:00:04 kg-quiet kernel: cxm0: encoder dma not enough buffer space free
> Oct 12 18:00:04 kg-quiet last message repeated 21 times

Which is exactly what I was implying.  I'm surprised if the cat-to-file has
as many buffering problems as the direct-to-mplayer command.  I'd like to
see the error messages corresponding to the cat version-- something like:

	date; cat /dev/cxm > somefile &

and the dmesg corresponding to that date.

Another question-- what's your processor type & speed and how much RAM does
the machine have?

-- Rick C. Petty

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