Installing mplayer's libavcodec, libavutil?

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Tue Oct 10 13:32:11 PDT 2006

вівторок 10 жовтень 2006 16:24, Thomas E. Zander написав:
> I don't have objections. Do you intend to split this into two or more
> ports then or let just other ports depend on mplayer?

It would be better to split them out, of course -- by fixing the existing 
ffmpeg-devel. But more difficult.

MPlayer, BTW, needs to be taught to ignore the stuff, that comes bundled with 
it, for which we already have ports... Ffmpeg bits will be on the list.

Better, probably, to not even extract the redundant pieces -- the way 
mozilla's Makefile.common excludes them, for example...


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