pcm0 + rl0 in the same irq causes panic

Ariff Abdullah ariff at FreeBSD.org
Sun Oct 1 12:33:45 PDT 2006

[CC: current@ as this issue related with the current state of

On Sun, 1 Oct 2006 20:10:33 +0100
"Alexandre Vieira" <nullpt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I'm having some troubles setting up my freebsd workstation.
> blackpearl# vmstat -i
> interrupt                          total       rate
> irq1: atkbd0                        1248          3
> irq9: acpi0                          720          1
> irq12: psm0                         4614         12
> irq14: ata0                        45465        123
> irq16: pcm0 rl0++                    369          1
> cpu0: timer                       733657       1993
> Total                             786073       2136
> blackpearl#
> I recently got sound in my laptop trough the recent snd_hda(4)
> driver by Ariff.
> Whenevr artds (our anything else opens the device) I get a panic
> fatal trap 19 (non-maskable interrupt trap while in kernel mode).
> What info do I need to submit in order to investigate this issue?

I thought yours works flawlessly?

I can't tell. The origin of the problem is probably somewhere else :(
. Perhaps output of the crashdump and backtrace would help us to
investigate the issue.

Please update to the latest -current since snd_hda is already part of
the -current build process. Besides, read /usr/src/UPDATING for latest
breaking news.

By the way, please fetch http://people.freebsd.org/~ariff/test/hdac.c
and put it into sys/dev/sound/pci/hda/ , rebuild, etc. Stay in plain
console (no X) while try to play something, perhaps using
mpg123/mplayer etc. Few people reported simmilar issue which cannot
be reproduced after staying out of X/KDE while abusing sound playback
through plain console.

Ariff Abdullah

... Recording in stereo is obviously too advanced
    and confusing for us idiot ***** users :P ........
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