ATI Radeon 7000 and Hauppauge 250

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Mon Mar 27 07:26:52 UTC 2006

On Mar 26, 2006, at 4:31 PM, usleepless at wrote:

> Hi Joe,
>> My understanding is that if I want to be able to continue to watch TV
>> on my TV while the signal is connected to my PC/Hauppauge card, I'll
>> need to output from the PC back to the TV.
> first let me try to understand your situation:
>   1. you get your tv-signal from satelite, with an external tuner
>   2. you want to be able to record shows when you are not watching tv
> in the non digital age, you would watch tv through a vcr which is
> connected to the external tuner ( settopbox ). to watch livetv you
> would turn the vcr on, and zap with the settopbox-remote. the vcr
> would only record when you are  not watching tv/video ( and would need
> a way to control the settopbox ).
> right?
> if you were on cable, things would be more easy: you could create a
> recording/viewing box, and keep the normal tv-tuner for watching
> livetv.
> so because of the settopbox, you need the whole shebang ( spelled
> right? ). you need a mce/mythtv solution which integrates livetv and
> recording.
> don't underestimate this:
>   - the machine must be always-on
>   - you need to use irblaster from pvr-card to control settopbox ( is
> this supported by the pvr250 port ? i don't think so, i may be wrong )

So, even though the TV would be locked onto channel 3 or 4  
constantly, I'd have to use the included remote to replace my  
satellite remote?

I'm not sure I understand the distinction between satellite and cable  
here, but I think I get the gist of this.

>   - with only one source/tuner there are litte benefits: the only
> feature you get is recording shows while you are not watching a show

This is okay, as the whole point of going this route anyway is to  
record shows that are normally on pretty late.

>   - mythtv is a beast, there is no ports port, and only runs well  
> on FBSD > 4

What is the status of getting this into ports?

>   - want teletext/cc ? you will need about the newest ivtv-driver (
> linux only for the moment )
> if you are going for it, i would suggest knoppmyth or whatever.
> i am running 3 myth-machines:
>  - 1 xbox client ( xebian + custom myth-compile )
>  - 1 freebsd 6.0 client/slave server ( pvr500) + custom myth-compile (
> radeon 7000 btw )
>  - 1 freebsd 4.11 master server ( pvr500 ) using linuxthreads with
> custom myth-compile
> my custom build is based on an unofficial freebsd-port from some
> japanse guy ( google for myth and freebsd ). i have patched it
> extensively, to get rid of all the busy-wait synchronizing ( and other
> stuff ).

Is your Radeon the 32 MB or 64 MB version? Even though my 32 MB  
version has an S-video output, the included materials say it only  
works in the 64 MB version. Is the included output port completely  
useless then?

If I can't get Myth to work (for now), I can always use the at  
command and just schedule recordings through the CLI, right?

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