usb audio and midi support

Лебедев Алексей lebedev at
Mon Feb 6 14:11:37 PST 2006

I am attracted by midi support. I'm not very familiar with FreeBSD
internals but I would help with testing if somebody is interested in it.

Alexey Lebedev.
P. S. Sorry for english, I'm russian speaker.

On пн, 2006-02-06 at 15:52 -0600, Conrad J. Sabatier wrote:
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> Torfinn Ingolfsen  <tingo at> wrote:
> >
> >Mike Scott wrote:
> >> I've a rather vague portable digital sound studio project in my mind, 
> >> involving a laptop running fbsd, plus a usb-based audio and midi i/o box 
> >> (something like the motu fastlane or one of the edirol boxes or..... [I 
> >> did say vague :-)] ). The problem being that laptops seem to come sans 
> >> midi and sans decent sound i/o facilities.
> >> 
> >> But what's the chance something like this will be supported?
> >> 
> >> Any ideas please about what might/will not work?
> >
> >Sound support (including usb audio) in FreeBSD has improved a lot lately 
> >(the last year), and is still improving, thanks to the dedicated work of 
> >the sound committers and other people that hang out at the 
> >freebsd-multimedia mailing list.
> >
> >Midi, on the other hand is not in a very good shape. Right now, we have 
> >approximately zero midi support in FreeBSD. A few people have stated 
> >that they will work / are working on something, but it seems midi isn't 
> >attracting a large enough audience yet, or we are missing a crucial few 
> >dedicated developers with a special interest in midi.
> >The minimal audience also means that the amount of possible midi devices 
> >to test and iron out bugs on are unknown.
> I was browsing the NetBSD and OpenBSD websites yesterday specifically to see 
> what the state of their MIDI support looked like.  Both OSes do support 
> MIDI, using (I think) hacked versions of the old Voxware drivers which were 
> also used by FreeBSD "once upon a time".
> I'm wondering how difficult it would be to merge in MIDI support from one or 
> the other of FreeBSD's sibling OSes.  This zero MIDI support has been going 
> on for far too long (years!).
> Has anyone ever looked into this?
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