MythTV (was: Possible FreeBSD port?)

Christian Gusenbauer c47g at
Fri Dec 22 04:19:05 PST 2006


On Friday, 22. December 2006 13:01, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> Quoting Christian Gusenbauer <c47g at> (from Fri, 22 Dec 2006
> 11:28:15 +0100):
> > Well, I think I implemented almost all of the v4l2 framework. Then I took
> > the FreeBSD bktr driver, separated the radio/tuner part and got it
> > working as a v4l2 aware driver, too. This driver registers with the
> > framework and a /dev/v4l2/radio0 entry is being created. I got
> > fmtools-0.99.0 up and running, too.
> >
> > But there is a difference to the original Linux framework. AFAIR, in
> > Linux, one of the kernel structures holds the open file handle, but in
> > FreeBSD there's no place for it. So I changed the internals of the
> > framework a bit, but the API for the applications should be the same as
> > for Linux.
> >
> > What's missing is the video part. I had not enough specs about the v4l2
> > framework to get it running. And - what was the main problem for me - I
> > did not have time to rewrite the bktr driver as v4l2 driver. You know, no
> > information about the v4l2 framework and no information about the bktr
> > driver internals ... so I gave up.
> >
> > Then, in August 2005 Julian Elischer (julian at asked me to
> > give him my work, because he wanted to do something with it. Maybe he
> > didn't have time :-(.
> Julian, did you upon improved this? If yes, can you make it available
> (maybe someone is interested to proceed).
> > So before someone steps in and invents the wheel again, please contact
> > Julian first :-).
> Can you make it available somewhere in case Julian did not proceed
> with it? If you don't have a place where to put it online, I offer to
> put it up on my site for you.

Of course I can and will. But first ask Julian, I don't want that his work is 

> Bye,
> Alexander.
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