PVR-350 TV-out or other options

Tobias Roth freebsd.lists at fsck.ch
Wed Dec 20 01:25:15 PST 2006


With all the MythTV talk going on right now, I'd like to ask some
questions myself: Has the TV-out part of the PVR-350 been ported

I know from back in the days when I was subscribed to the ivtv and
MythTV mailinglists that tv-out was a major problem. I currently have a
working MythTV install, including TV-out on Linux, but it's based on
MythTV 0.15 or something. I dare not upgrade it, since I had to do some
heavy patching to get it to work.

If the driver is not ported, what do you people use to send a picture
to your tv screen? Maybe there are options that are as good as the PVR
TV-out, quality-wise, but less hassle to get to run?


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