Hauppauge PVR-[23]50 driver

Stacy Millions stacy at Millions.Ca
Wed Jan 28 20:46:02 PST 2004

John Wehle wrote:

> This seems similar to the panics that happened when the cxm
> driver didn't recognize the tuner or the audio decoder which
> caused the attach to fail.  Something is up with the cxm module
> loading / unloading on your machine.  When did you last cvsup
> your OS?  Exactly what commands (in what order) are you using
> to load / unload the cxm modules?

Last cvsup was early Nov, shortly after 4.9 was released... guess
it is time for a refresh.

To load modules
kldload cxm_iic
kldload cxm

to unload
kldunload cxm
kldunload cxm_iic

>>Jan 22 22:00:29 /kernel: cxm0: encoder dma not enough buffer space free
> mplayer on your machine was unable to keep up with the live
> video stream causing the cxm buffers to back up and eventually
> overflow.

Thanks for the explanation.

I have cvsuped stable and rebuilt with your latest drivers (Jan 25),
I will let you know if this behaves better (so far so good).


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