Hauppauge PVR-[23]50 driver

Lars Eggert lars.eggert at netlab.nec.de
Thu Jan 22 23:40:54 PST 2004

Julian Elischer wrote:
>>Anish Mistry wrote:
>>>There is a port skeleton for freevo in the PR database.  It's worked fine 
>>>on 2 of the machines I've tried it on.
> what tuner cards does it support?

Freevo is basically python script that uses mplayer for most of its 
media playback and recording. Mplayer and mencoder support Brooktree 
TV-in through their bsdbt848 "driver".

If the PVR cards follow the Brooktree/Meteor interface, there is a good 
chance mplayer (and hence freevo) will support them already.

(Let me know, I'm considering swapping TV cards if this actually works.)

Lars Eggert                                     NEC Network Laboratories
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