CT5880-E 4-speaker output

soralx at cydem.org soralx at cydem.org
Thu Jan 8 22:55:09 PST 2004

Is anyone interested in patching 'es137x.c' to enable 4-speaker output
on a CS5880-E based audio card (built into mainboard; Line-In can be
reconfigured as another Line-Out)? I've recieved some souce code of
DOS drivers (written in C) for the 137x-based cards from Creative,
but I don't have enough experience to port the functionality to the
FreeBSD dirver. Also, after I managed to completely halt my machine
while experimenting with the driver, which almost killed the /usr
slice (softupdates...), I'd prefer to spend the spare time I have
on doing backups :)

Timestamp: 1073630313
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