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Thomas E. Zander riggs at rrr.de
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On Mon, 10. Nov 2003, at 20:20 -0500, Jason wrote
according to [Re: ogm files]:

> I probelly did not configure to play ogm.  At the time I installed it I 
> did not know they existed.  Btw, I have a athlon(barton) at 2GHZ and 
> 512mb ran.  Thanks for the the config tip, I will try that.

I am using mplayer for .ogm files for some time now, and I never had
any problems with it.
There is no special option you have to configure to play the ogm file
format, but if you intend to use XviD/vorbis encoded files (which is
the reason for most people to use .ogm), you have to make sure that
libvorbis and libxvidcore is installed at compilation time.
Just build mplayer with
and it will enforce the installation of these codecs if they are
accidently missing on your system.


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