Compiliing gphoto2 cvs on FreeBSD. -- WAS: Re: gphoto2 with Canon Powershot S45?

Alex Teslik alex at
Sun Apr 20 07:28:51 PDT 2003

Hi Louie,

     I didn't give up and managed to get it working. I didn't have to make
many hacks. However, what I did I'm sure is definitely a hack job. I'm no
autoconf or Makefile guy for sure. So no flames please and Caveat Emptor...

With that said, you can find step by step instructions on how to compile the
latest gphoto2 cvs on FreeBSD 4-8-RELEASE on my website here:

Mabye the developers can look at the steps I had to take and come up with
fixes to help it compile "out of the box".

Anyway, it works great now for me with my S45 (and I suspect would work great
with any other camera currently supported)!


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> I gave up hacking on gphoto2, and went with a USB CF reader instead.  Not
> quite the answer you were  hoping to hear, I suspect.
> louie
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