RME 96xx with FreeBSD

Orion Hodson orion at freebsd.org
Tue Apr 15 07:12:42 PDT 2003

/-- Steven Campbell wrote:
| Hi, I would like my RME Digi96/8 working under FreeBSD.
| I'm currently running FreeBSD 5.0 on an SMP Pentium Pro box.
| I haven't seen anything more recent than Daniel Pouzzner's comments ( 
| douzzer at mega.nu ) in May 2000. You can view it by googling for "freebsd 
| rme".
| I have read and understand the RME 96xx driver from ALSA, but I don't 
| want to get involved in porting the ALSA stuff, since FreeBSD's pcm 
| seems to be well-written.
| I would like to get the ALSA drivers working under FreeBSD, keeping in 
| mind GPL vs. FreeBSD kernel copyright issues.
| Wondering if somebody could share any notes or pages on porting ALSA or 
| OSS sound drivers to FreeBSD's pcm driver.

I'd recommend taking a look at Bruce Montague's Geode driver code - it's 
heavily commented and gives a pretty clear indication of what needs to be done 
to write a newpcm driver:

There's a skeleton driver under:

And plenty of examples under:

There are notes in the handbook on writing device drivers:

Obviously it'd be helpful to have register specs for the h/w in addition to 
the ALSA source.

Kind Regards
- Orion

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