HEADS UP: please test Flash Plugin Wrapper for Flash6

Simon Barner barner at in.tum.de
Mon Oct 6 17:43:31 PDT 2003


have have backported libmap to -STABLE (partly from CVS, but mainly
from this patch here (don't know whether the patch would have applied to
-STABLE directly since I wanted to merge it carefully. I can imagine
that a broken dynamic linker is not much fun :-)

(see http://freebsd.rambler.ru/bsdmail/freebsd-threads_2003/msg00000.html)

and ... the Linux plugin wrapper works!  :-)

I am using the following /etc/libmap.conf, which differs in the lines
marked with asteriskes from the version suggested in the port's

libc.so.6                       pluginwrapper.so

libpthread.so.0                 liblthread.so.2     (*)
libdl.so.2                      pluginwrapper.so
libz.so.1                       libz.so.2
libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3        libstdc++.so.3      (**)
libm.so.6                       libm.so.2
libc.so.6                       pluginwrapper.so

(*) the linuxpluginwrapper port installed devel/linuxthreads as a
dependency, but I don't have liblthread.so.3 on my system. I don't think
that this is a big deal.

(**) I could not locate a file called  liblstdc++* on my system, so I
used the base system's c++ runtime library instead. I am not sure
whether this is a good idea. Does anyone know where to find the right

Test results (with mozilla and galeon):

Both the flash and the pdf plugin are listed in about:plugins.

The pdf plugin begins to start when I click on a pdf document (the
splash screen of Acrobat 5.05 is displayed, but then the browser locks
up. When I closed the browser then (using GNOME's "force close" feature),
the splash screen window was still there, and I had to kill the following
process in order to close that window (line wrapped)

 6255  ??  I      0:00.67 /usr/local/Acrobat5/Reader/intellinux/bin/acroread
                           -display :0.0 -name main -visual default
                           +useFrontEndProgram -xrm *useNullDoc:false -progre

Can somebody confirm that this was the embedded plugin that was about to
start and not the Acrobat Reader as an external helper application?

With Flash, I had more luck. Most of the sites worked, but I did not get
any sound on this one (I used to hear Bill screaming... enjoy)


I justed noticed that galeon locked up while I wrote this message :( But
the flash animation did work.

When you click on the map that you can find on this link


you will get a flash animated map of Bavaria's election result. For
me, the fonts don't look right/are not displayed at all.

I hope I provided some usefull information here, but please ask me if
you want me to test something else.

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