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Jared Barneck rhyous at
Thu Nov 10 20:53:59 UTC 2011


I am not the project owner and it looks like the project is down to just

I have dabbled here. I assume you have been reading this site:

Did you use the port from portshaker? or regular ports?

If you did use portshaker, what I would do is make a copy of the the port
on your local box.

# cp -fR  boo- boo-

Then change the new port as need until it works.

Then zip it and email this list and possibly Romain, too with the working
zip. And worse case, if we can't get anyone to update this, we can go to
ports at as that is where unmaintained ports go.


Jared Barneck

On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 1:34 PM, James Colannino <crankycyclops at>wrote:

> Hi there!  I tried to build boo- from ports and noticed that it was
> marked as a broken build.  I was able to compile and install it just fine
> outside of ports.  There was one issue of a few dlls not being installed by
> the Makefile properly, so I had to copy them manually after "make install"
> (that would probably just require a patch to the Makefile), but other than
> that the build was fine.
> I wouldn't mind working on the port and making it build cleanly from
> ports, then sending it back to you.  I'd love to eventually get Banshee 2.2
> building from ports (so far, I've got it installed outside of ports, along
> with a few dependencies, and having it outside of ports is making me a
> little uneasy.)  That is, if you'd be willing to provide a small amount of
> guidance as needed.  I've learned a lot, but I'm still somewhat new to FBSD
> :)
> Thanks for reading and for your work maintaining this package!
> James
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