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Hi Bruce!

On Mon, Mar 09, 2009 at 11:40:21AM -0700, clay bruce wrote:
> I am new to FreeBSD and would like to start contributing to my new
> favorite OS.  Although I an new to "unix" style programming I have
> over 6 years as a professional .net developer. This includes, but not
> limited to c#, mc++, winforms and Before that I spent most of
> my time developing in c, c++ and probably a bit too much x86
> assembler. This was all done using wtl, mfc or bare bones win32 API.
> I would like to contribute to FreeBSD mono but need some help getting
> started.  What part of mono would be served best by my skillset or
> lack thereof? I would like to get started as soon as possible. Any
> suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We have a TODO page here:

I have just fixed a few things, but I guess some linuxisms and broken
ports are not referenced.

Feel free to:
 - Report missing items;
 - Pick a task;
 - Create ports for software packages not in ports;
 - Ask us for help.

Kind regards,
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