mono upgrade process hangs.

Gabor PALI pgj at
Thu Feb 12 05:33:14 PST 2009


Phillip N. wrote:
> Are you trying to compile mono inside a jail?
> Are semaphores enabled on it?
I have the very same issue with (only!) a 8-CURRENT jail in my Tinderbox
(on a 7-STABLE).  I have checked for semaphores in the build (ipcs(1),
ipcrm(1)), and I found them usable.  In 6-STABLE and 7-STABLE jails, it
just builds fine.  I know, I have already complained about a compilation
error in a 8.x jail earlier, but Romain answered that he was able to
compile mono 2.x on a 8.x system (and I am still not in a 8.x Tinderbox


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