any success with freebsd on acer 5745?

Mubeesh ali mubeeshalivm at
Tue Oct 5 18:38:56 UTC 2010

Hi ,

Excuse me for raising this  again (i had raised the same or issues
related to this iin freebsd-questions a month or so  back  latest one

If any of you have a positive experience in success in installing
freebsd on 5745 please share your experience on how to do it.

I have tried freebsd as well as pc bsd. It boots up fine for the first
time and then it does not go beyond bios splash screen. I believe this
might be due to INSYDE bios on my laptop. Both the times i had to take
the laptop to acer support and they replaced the harddisk :-(.  I have
 since tried various linux OS(debian,pclinuxos,ubuntu,aptosid,mint etc
) without any bootup issues

PCBSD boots up fine on my laptop .Only get issues on an install,..Just
wanted to give a final try before giving up and restricting bsd to

thanks everyone,

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