Suspend/Resume problem on Thinkpad X201 (8-STABLE)

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Mon May 24 21:52:00 UTC 2010

On 01/-10/63 20:59, Geoffrey Ferrari wrote:
> I tried both of these suggestions but sadly no luck. Thanks for your
> suggestions, Scott, anyway. By the way, what is your machine? Is it a
> Thinkpad X201 or something similar?
> Two other pieces of information that may be useful:
> 1) Suspend/resume works perfectly under the latest Ubuntu, without any
> special configuration.
> 2) I've upgraded the machine's BIOS using the latest update from Lenovo.

Unfortunately, I can only provide a "me, too".

I have got a Thinkpad T510 (i7-620M, 4GB RAM, Nvidia NVS 3100M) on 
8-STABLE amd64 with exactly the same issue. I did compare your dmesg and 
sysctl with mine -- everything but the graphics is practically the same 
(you got ATA+ZFS, I got AHCI+journaling UFS, I enabled hda, C2 states, 
and changed the clockrate). What could be interesting:

- The issue does not seem to be due to the on CPU graphics. It happens 
with the proprietary Nvidia driver, too.
- The issue does not seem to be due to amd64. In the beginning, I had 
i386 installed and saw the same.

I also installed the latest BIOS ("BIOS: 1.18 / ECP: 1.10") a few days 
ago hoping that this would be it: "(Fix) Fixed an issue where system 
might not be resumed on non-Windows ACPI OS." Unfortunatelly, nothing 

BTW: Since your laptop is so similar, the March/April thread I started 
"Thinkpad T510: LAN? CPU-C3?" probably applies to you, too. Most 
important: What FreeBSD calls C2 is probably C3, which you might want to 

Jan Henrik

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