Suspend/Resume problem on Thinkpad X201 (8-STABLE)

Scott Lambert lambert at
Mon May 24 17:05:16 UTC 2010

On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 06:20:15PM +0100, Geoffrey Ferrari wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've just bought a Lenovo Thinkpad X201 which I plan to use as my main
> work machine (mainly, all I need is emacs + latex) I've a little past
> experience with FreeBSD (and Linux), but this is the first time I've
> committed to trying to use FreeBSD for my main work computer. I

> Now for my request for help :) My Thinkpad successfully enters sleep
> mode (that's ACPI level S3 - suspend to ram), but there are problems
> with resuming out of sleep mode. The main problem is that the LCD does
> not wake up upon resume, and simply stays black. The computer is
> actually awake when this happens though! I can e.g. logout (typing
> blindly) and I can even log in via ssh. However, the screen stays
> switched off. I read on some forums that some people have experienced
> a similar problem where their screen switches on but displays nothing,
> only a black background. But no, my screen doesn't even switch on!
> I've searched numerous forums and tried various things, but none of
> them resolve the problem and some make it worse! Here's a sample of
> what I've tried so far.
> Setting hw.acpi.video_reset=1 to loader.conf. This makes things worse.
> When I do this, my laptop refuses to wake from sleep at all.
> Loading the i915 driver in loader.conf. This seems to do nothing.
> Loading acpi_ibm in loader.conf. This seems to do nothing.
> Setting debug.acpi.disabled="YES" in sysctl.conf . This seems to do nothing.
> I've also tried switching from one virtual console to another, both
> via the keyboard, and by running "vidcontrol -s 2 > /dev/console".
> I've checked /var/log/messages after resume and it reports "Interrupt
> storm detected on irq9" - that's seems to be associated with ACPI.
> So, I'm writing to ask if anyone can help me to get my laptop to
> resume properly. I'm including some info below that my help someone to
> understand what's going on. I really love FreeBSD so I hope someone
> will be able to help me to get my laptop to sleep and wake reliably!

Are you in X when you sleep?  Have you tried after switching to ttyv0
first?  CTRL-ALT-F1 from X.

I have this in my rc.suspend, right after the creation of the
/var/run/ file.

/usr/sbin/vidcontrol -s 1 < /dev/ttyv0

I also unload the wireless driver in rc.suspend, and load it in
rc.resume.  But my wireless card's microPCI slot doesn't seem to get
fully renabled on resume yet.

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