Australian 3G ppp.conf

Ian Smith smithi at
Mon Jul 12 10:43:55 UTC 2010

On Mon, 12 Jul 2010, Peter Jeremy wrote:
 > On 2010-Jul-12 19:43:23 +1000, Ian Smith <smithi at> wrote:
 > >On Mon, 12 Jul 2010, Peter Jeremy wrote:
 > > >  # Ludicrous number of retries to try and convince it to work without MS NBNS
 > > >  set ipcpretry 3 50
 > >
 > >What happens without and with this?  As I read ppp(8), it could take up 
 > >to 50 IPCP configreqs at 3 seconds to negotiate IP and/or DNS addresses?
 > My experience was that the link would sometimes fail to come up.  I'm
 > not sure why retrying works - it's as if the remote end wants to use
 > NetBIOS but will occasionally allow a connection without it.  It's
 > possible that this is no longer required - I haven't tried removing it.
 > The 3 second timeout isn't really an issue because the remote end will
 > normally immediately respond - with either an ACK or NACK.

Ah yes, thanks.  Ok them suggesting NetBIOS, as long as you can decline!

cheers, Ian

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