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Mon Jul 12 06:48:34 UTC 2010

Dnia czwartek 08 lipiec 2010 o 08:53:50 s0x7c0 at napisał(a):
> Hi everyone,
> I am using FreeBSD 8.1-PRERELEASE and I have bought myself an optus 3G usb
> modem. HUAWEI E160E with a brand new sim card. The problem is that I have
> never had to use ppp before. I have always had a modem with a built in
> access point. So if there is anyone out there who knows how to get
> connected I would REALLY like to hear from you. Before I forget u3g is
> compiled into the kernel and FreeBSD detects the device correctly and new
> devices and ttys' turn up in /dev.
> cheers,
> Brett.
Hi Brett,
you can try to customize the following from /etc/ppp/ppp.conf

 set device /dev/cuaU0.0
 set speed 460800
 set phone "*99#"
 set log local chat error warning connect
 disable ipv6cp
 disable mppe
 disable lqr
                \"\" AT OK-AT-OK \
                AT OK-AT-OK AT+CPIN=!!!PIN_GOES_HERE!!! OK-AT-OK\
                AT+CGDCONT=1,\\\"IP\\\",\\\"your operators APN\\\" OK \
                AT OK-AT-OK \\dATDT\\T TIMEOUT 40 CONNECT"
 enable dns
 set authname ppp
 set authkey ppp
 disable vjcomp
 disable protocomp
 set ifaddr
 add default HISADDR

And then to start the connection you enter: ppp -ddial umts
Some options in this may be unnecessary but you have to tweak it to your 
Maciej Milewski

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