ThinkPad x61s

Guy Brand gb at
Fri Mar 7 23:34:31 UTC 2008

Dan Langille (dan at on 04/03/2008 at 07:34 wrote:

> Are you running FreeBSD on a ThinkPad x61s?  Details please...

I do.

FreeBSD FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT #58: Sun Mar  2 17:36:43 CET 2008
snd_hda, acpi_ibm, if_wpi for hardware specific support. Xorg
7.3 working out of the box. cpufreq behaves strangely going
from AC power to battery mode and back, so I removed it from
the kernel config. Fan and thermal controls are fine. 6-cell
battery provides ca. 260 mn of work time.

ACPI suspend is unusable (even with UP). I haven't tried the
SD slot, the fingerprint gadget and the embeeded GSM card.

I have no other OS running on that laptop.
Let me know if you need anything more.


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