FreeBSD 7 doesn't see AR5212 (Netgear WPN511) via PCI/Cardbus Adapter

Michael C. Cambria mcc at
Mon Feb 18 14:42:20 PST 2008

Michael C. Cambria wrote:
> I use a Cardbus to PCI adapter in a FreeBSD 7 desktop machine.  My old 
> 802.11b card (wi) was just swapped with a 802.11g, Netgear WPN511 (using 
> the AR5212 chipset).  FreeBSD doesn't see the card at all.  No lights on 
> the card are on as well.  /var/log/messages also doesn't show anything.

I tried booting from the 6.3-Release install CD (and also 7.0 RC2 
snapshot iso) and still no luck.

However, booting these same CD's on a laptop (i.e. no PCI->Cardbus 
adapter) the very same card is recognized.  sysinstall lets me config 
ath0 and used the CD as a live filesystem allows traffic to pass.

The PCI->Cardbus adapter works with other 802.11b cards though, so I'm 
guessing something about this combination is the issue.

Any ideas?


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