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> Hi there.
> I'd like to have my laptop reconnect automatically to my home network whenever the line is dropped for some reason or other. I currently have a script that does this for me, but I have to manually run it from the command line.
> A nice feature of other linux systems is the nm-applet which keeps watch and does it automatically for you, however I cannot seem to find an equivalent utility in the FreeBSD ports.
> Is there a standard way of doing this with the wi driver?

I'm running wpa_supplicant for my different Wifi areas (i.e. for WPA and
also for WEP networks) and, for example, if I toggle the power of the
AP my laptop reconnects without any kind of problem.

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> Gouda, The Netherlands

Yes, please send me some Gouda. And please cut your lines around
column 72. Thx


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