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Kevin Oberman oberman at es.net
Mon Feb 4 09:26:10 PST 2008

> From: Ivan Vanney <elderechodematar at hotmail.com>
> Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 10:47:19 +0200
> Sender: owner-freebsd-mobile at freebsd.org
> Hi, maybe itsn't the place to ask but in the website I just found this
> mailing list, im planning to install a stable version of FreeBSD in my
> laptop Lenovo, but I don't know if ill have problems with the
> hardware, specially the wireless card, sound and touchpad mouse.
> This is the hardware: Intel Centrino® Duo mobile technology on selected
> models:
> Intel Centrino 2 Duo processor family 
> Intel 945GM chipset 
> Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection 
> Ill need to recompile kernel to get it working?
> thank you for ur help.

Please try to enter a return on occasion. These long, long lines are a
pain. (Yes, mailers may wrap what you type, but they send it a one long
line of test, contrary to the RFC which recommends keeping mail lines
(plain text ones) to 72 characters.

You are going to have a few problems, I fear.

Support for the Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG is in its very early stages
and is a bit rough, but all reports. (It uses if_wpi.)
Intel 945GM support is reasonable, but it is also fairly new and there
have been a few problem reports on some systems.

I'd suggest i386 rather then amd64 for the moment. There are too many
ports that are not yet 64-bit clean, although things ae getting better
fairly quickly.

While it is not released at this time, you really want to run FreeBSD
V7.0 on such a laptop. It is very near ready for release and should be
available by the end of the month.

That said, I'd get the latest 7.0 release candidate rather than fight
with 6.3, the latest release of that version. This is especially for the
wireless card, but many laptop features are better with 7.0.

You will have to load the wpi until/unless you rebuild the kernel as it
is not yet part of the GENERIC kernel on the CD, but that is a

I should warn you that you will not be able to suspend the system. That
is not yeat supported for SMP systems. (Of course you could disable SMP
but that is a bit excessive.) 

The 7.0-RC is on the FreeBSD ftp server at:

You will want disc1, at very least. The other 2 CDs contain pre-compiled
packages which I never use. I always prefer to build from scratch, but
using packages is certainly faster than building.
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