ACPI Attach (acpi_ibm) stops mouse from working

Tom Judge tom at
Thu Oct 25 00:17:29 PDT 2007

Sam Leffler wrote:
> Tom Judge wrote:
>> John Baldwin wrote:
>>> On Monday 22 October 2007 12:04:52 pm Tom Judge wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I have recently setup an IBM/Lenovo T43 with RELENG_7 as of mid last 
>>>> week, however I have a problem with the acpi_ibm module.
>>>> If I add acpi_ibm_load="YES" to loader.conf I get the following 
>>>> message during boot:
>>>> psm0: unable to allocate IRQ
>>>> This is followed by a message stating that the acpi_ibm module has 
>>>> attached to IRQ 12.
>>>> If I remove this module from loader.conf and boot the system the 
>>>> mouse attaches and works as expected.  If I then kldload acpi_ibm 
>>>> the module attaches to acpi0.
>>>> Is there any way to make this work without loading the acpi module 
>>>> after boot?
>>> Can you provide your acpidump as well as devinfo -rv output from both 
>>> cases?  (i.e. when it is loaded at boot and when it is kldloaded 
>>> after boot)
>> Hi,
>> After spending many hours trying to reproduce this I have narrowed it 
>> down to the order in which the modules are loaded (and by nature 
>> listed in /boot/loader.conf).  It seems that the psm will only attach 
>> when acpi_ibm is listed at the end of loader.conf.
>> I have run a sequence of tests and gathered the following data
>> acpidump -dt
>> devinfo -rv
>> /var/run/dmesg.boot
>> Kernel config (T43)
>> The file names are in the format {data}-{acpi_ibm_load line number in 
>> loader.conf}-{good=psm attached/bad=psm failed to attach}
>> The files are avaliable here:
>> If you want any more information please let me know.
> FWIW I hit this same problem on a freshly installed t42.  In my case 
> acpi_ibm was not the last thing loaded but it was loaded by the loader.
>    Sam
Just out of curiosity could you try adding acpi_ibm_load="YES" as the 
last line in loader.conf and rebooting? From my tests I think that it 
should work but there is only one way to find out.....


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