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Cecil ceco108 at gimail.af.mil
Fri Feb 16 23:04:07 UTC 2007

Thanks for all the comments but I must not be doing something right! Here's outline of the install process.

1. Partition a single 40GB harddrive using FDISK and make the FreeBSD partition Active
2. Set the second partition as DOS fat ->> install Win2K in the Dos partition ->> then doing the install I think it formats the DOS partition to fat32 and overwrites the MBR for FreeBSD
3. The Win2K come up without giving a choice of OS to boot into ->> copy boot0 from the FreeBSD disk onto the Win2K C:\bootFBSD and modify the B boot.ini file ->> I reboot and there is recgnized OS to be found

and I have followed these step after that

FreeBSD offers a simple boot manager that is placed in the first sector 
of your hard disk. It is called boot0. You can install easily:

- boot FreeBSD
- allow to write the first sector:
sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=16
- install the boot manager
boot0cfg -B /dev/ad0
- reboot

Now I am still unable to choose between the operating systems.

You can also boot from the FreeBSD CD (disc1) and choose "Fixit" -> 
"CD/CDROM". In this case you can skip the second step.

I not getting something right even with book in hand.


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