Volker volker at vwsoft.com
Fri Apr 13 11:54:20 UTC 2007

On 04/12/07 07:39, Mulga wrote:
> Thanks for your time,
> While not strictly WiFi the now avaliable HSPDA devices are around. Fast Internet with all the hype.
> I am the owner of such a device and realy would like to make it work under FreeBSD 6.1.
> I have a driver Hans from the usb branch was able to port the NetBSD ugensa to FreeBSD.
> My problem is thus, getting ppp to talk to the damd thing.
> I can get so fare but not all the way.
> Is there some kind sole out here that know the answers to this vexing issue?
> My telco is so guarded they will hardly admit they have the devices.
> Please mail direct as I am on so many lists now I cant manage.
> Regards  John


it wouldn't hurt to know your device... :)

You'll find a few infos for a few cards at bsd.vwsoft.com/3g/

I wanted to put some more infos about 3G card usage with ppp, pppd
and mpd on that site but as it hasn't been a priority. You may also
probably want to upgrade to RELENG_6_2 (or even better to RELENG_6)
as support for a few devices has been added. To check out whether or
not your device is supported by a current -STABLE version, you
should check out the web interface for the man pages and have a look
at ubsa(4) as this driver supports some 3G cards.



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