iwi and (another?) Intel3945ABG

Vince jhary at unsane.co.uk
Tue Sep 5 10:17:44 UTC 2006

Luca Morettoni wrote:
> Michal Mertl ha scritto:
>> No, it is different hardware. I think I have heard there are problems
>> with NDIS (Windows) driver for this NIC and that there is some native
>> beta driver which works.
> anyone have this (beta) driver?
> thanks!

once extracted make a link from the wpi directory to
/usr/src/sys/dev/wpi or it wont build correctly.
when youve done the make;make install
kldload firmware.ko
kldload wpi_ucode.ko
kldload if_wpi.ko

and you should have a wpi device and a bunch of info on the console
(possibly including errors) I havent tried with WEP or similar as I dont
have it turned on.
Occasionally I loose connection and have to reset the wpi by
kldunload wpi_ucode
kldunload if_wpi
kldload wpi_ucode

(the wpi kld wont actually unload but this seems to get it to a working
state again)

Good luck.


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