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Tue Mar 14 20:54:50 UTC 2006

> Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 15:42:45 -0500
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> wrote Kevin Oberman thusly...
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> > iwi (and its kin-folk) have been betting heavy work in HEAD over
> > the past week or two and, hopefully, things will improve.
> I think i did read something about that.  I hope the changes will be
> show in 6-STABLE, assuming the work will finish well before
> 7 branch is tagged as STABLE.

V7 is not planned to go STABLE for about 18 months, if I remember the
time-line correctly. The iwi work should be done and MFCed to V6 long
before that. Whether it will make 6.1 is less clear to me. Depends on
what RE thinks about allowing it in on limited, but I would not bet
on it.

> > There is also fairly new firmware out (V3.0) which MAY fix some of
> > these problems.
> That would be swell.

Damien said that he would be updating the port for V3.0 firmware
shortly. I don't know if he can get approval during the ports freeze,
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