ath and problems with wlan scanning

Sam Leffler sam at
Fri Jun 9 19:58:51 UTC 2006

Paul Dokas wrote:
> On Fri, 09 Jun 2006 10:58:23 -0700 Sam Leffler <sam at> wrote:
>> This is an issue with iwi not ath.  iwi does scanning in firmware so it
>> is totally different.  If you have a scanning issue please post your
>> problem under a different subject.
> Sure thing.  Here's a quick summary of the problem that I'm seeing.
>   + I've got one of these atheros based A/B/G cards:
>     It works great in a co-workers laptop running 6.1
>   + Setting up ath0 to config via DHCP results in ath0 never getting an
>     IP address.  Furthermore, while scanning, it appears to associate
>     for only a brief moment and then moves on to other channels.
>   + Manually doing `ifconfig ath0 up` results in it associating just fine.
> I've tried booting with ACPI disabled and obtained the same results.
> The attached files are the output from dmesg and annotated snippets from the console
> logs after turning on wlan debugging with this:  `sysctl net.wlan.0.debug=0x00200000`
> I've marked the places in the logs where I typed various commands.
> I'd be happy to gather more data if that would help.

The logging showns nothing useful.  Use wlandebug from
src/tools/tools/net80211 to do:

wlandebug scan

and provide the log from the very beginning; not a snippet.  If you see
responses from the ap then check that probe request packets are going
out; this can be done by adding something like

wlandebug +debug

It might also be useful to see what the channel config/setup is for the
card; use

ifconfig ath0 list chan

to see it.  Feel free to send stuff directly to me or provide urls so
the list doesn't get spammed.


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