Dell laptops

john at john at
Thu Jul 13 23:42:13 UTC 2006

> Colin Faber wrote:
>> I'm running -CURRENT on a D610 with working crt/lcd Fn switch, bge,
>> wireless (via ndis), sound, video (including DRM/DRI), est (via
>> powerd), and Lid switch control.
>> The only problems I've noticed so far is that when running est with
>> powerd in adaptive mode, it seems to adjust the cpu timing many times
>> a second, which has lead to some applications being unstable and or
>> performing horribly (the most notable would be audio applications,
>> each time the cpu timing is switch you hear a pause).

aha! now i get it, the same thing happens with powerd, i notice the
hiccups when i am listening to something.

perhaps there is an unutilized hardware callback somewhere that can inform
powerd/est that the audio device is in use and that it shouldnt toggle the

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