Dell laptops

Colin Faber cfaber at
Wed Jul 12 19:32:57 UTC 2006

Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:

>> What are the current problems, if any, on current Dell laptops have
>> with FreeBSD?
> Latitude D610
> Working:  bge,, audio.
> Broken: apm, acpi (none of the buttons work -- not even the lid-close 
> button) (well, the screen brightness controls work), no acpi video 
> dpms, battery life sucks (just over an hour), onboard (1370?) wireless 
> not seen (DWL-G650 in Cardbus slot works fine), no suspend.
> Untested: dock, external video.
> --lyndon
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I'm running -CURRENT on a D610 with working crt/lcd Fn switch, bge, 
wireless (via ndis), sound, video (including DRM/DRI), est (via powerd), 
and Lid switch control.

The only problems I've noticed so far is that when running est with 
powerd in adaptive mode, it seems to adjust the cpu timing many times a 
second, which has lead to some applications being unstable and or 
performing horribly (the most notable would be audio applications, each 
time the cpu timing is switch you hear a pause).

The other hardware issues I've experienced is the sound, volume up, 
volume down, and mute buttons for both Fn and those "other" ones next to 
the dell logo fail to function. In addition the wireless indicator LED 
fails to light, so you have no idea when the radio is on and when it's off.

Lcd brightness, etc. seems to work, though I don't think it's adjustable 
via anything other than the Fn button.

S3 suspend to ram also results in an instant reboot. However that's an 
improvement over the current issue I'm dealing with, with X windows 
causing a panic on shutdown (fun!).

As I do have -CURRENT on this thing now, I'm willing to try anything to 
further development.


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