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Eric Anderson anderson at
Tue Jul 11 19:25:29 UTC 2006

On 07/11/06 14:01, Patrick Hurrelmann wrote:
> M. Warner Losh wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> What are the current problems, if any, on current Dell laptops have
>> with FreeBSD?
>> Warner
> Hi Warner,
> I really like Dells. Especially the Latitude-series. Personally I run 
> FreeBSD on a Latitude D600 since 5.1-CURRENT. All works like a charm, 
> except ACPI suspend/resume and the Broadcom WLAN. It was exchanged by a 
>  ath-card some years ago.
> At work I have my hands on several Latitude D610, but I never managed to 
> try FreeBSD on them. But I have good reports from FreeBSD-users.
> Since some weeks I own a Latitude D620 (DualCore) and it really rocks, 
> altough some things don't work atm. ACPI suspend/resume doesn't work at 
> all like usual. Intel 3945ABG WLAN (even NDIS fails) and Intel HDA audio 
> are unsupported (patches from multimedia@ won't build) at the moment. I 
> did not test hotkeys till know. Xorg works like a charm, too. I chose 
> the embedded nVidia Quadro graphics card :)
> Some other glitches:
>  - Gigabit nic (bge) only works with a patch, but it still gets firmware
>    handshake timeouts (see current@)

Yes, I  forgot that the bge nic acts funny.. Can you point me to the 
patch please?

>  - SATA needs patch with updated PCI-IDs

Really?  The D820 (presumably the same motherboard) works without any 

>  - usb (UHCI) also needs patch with updated PCI-IDs

Same with this..

> But the overall performance, design and handling rocks on this one. I 
> can highly recommend this one. I'm very optimistic in getting it quite 
> well supported in the near future.
> Patrick

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