kernel: ath0: device timeout

Ross Finlayson finlayson at
Fri Apr 28 22:56:30 UTC 2006

>ath_rate.ko is the target built by any of ath_rate_sample, 
>ath_rate_onoe, and ath_rate_amrr so if you're using modules you 
>build+install whichever is appropriate and then kldload if_ath.

OK, I see - "ath_rate_sample" turns out to be the default because it 
appears last in the list of "ath_rate_*" in 
"/usr/src/sys/modules/Makefile".  Thanks.

FYI, the performance of my "ath0" device has improved noticeably 
since I started using "ath_rate_onoe" instead of 
"ath_rate_sample".  However, I am still seeing the occasional "ath0: 
device timeout" error.

>I have done extensive testing of all the rate control algorithms as 
>well as a proprietary one and chose sample as the default.  However 
>none are anywhere near as effective as the proprietary one.

What is the problem with the 'proprietary' algorithm?  Is it that 
Atheros has not released the source code?  Or are there patent 
issues??  How does Linux deal with this - do they just used a closed 
source binary kernel module, or something?

Also, out of curiosity, what is "ath_rate_amrr", and how does it 
compare with the other two available algorithms (onoe and sample)?


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