NVidia driver on 6.1-PRERELEASE causes panic

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Fri Apr 28 02:00:41 UTC 2006

John Baldwin wrote:
> On Thursday 27 April 2006 14:42, Eric Anderson wrote:
>> Eric Anderson wrote:
>>> I'm trying to set up a new laptop (Dell Latitude 820), which has an 
>>> NVidia Quadro 110 video card.
>>> I've built and installed the nvidia-driver port, and it loads the module 
>>> successfully.  However, I'm not getting any newly created devices in 
>>> /dev/, so Xorg won't start (complains about not having the kernel module 
>>> installed, although it is, I presume because the /dev/nvidiactl device 
>>> isn't being created).
>>> Upon kldunloading the nvidia module, my machine panics and dumps, so I 
>>> have some cores lying around.
>>> Does anyone have any hints on this?
>> Looks like this might be a conflict with acpi_video.  Is that to be 
>> expected?
> Yes.  It does conflict in 6.x.  That will be fixed in 7.0 though it
> might require an update to the nvidia driver to make it play nice.

Bummer - ok.. Thanks for the confirmation.  Will that get trickled down 
to 6.x ever?


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