5.4-REL && pcmcia card Option N.V. Fusion UMTS Quad-GPRS

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Fri Sep 30 22:36:16 PDT 2005

In message: <20050930125924.GA1100 at rebelion.Sisis.de>
            guru at Sisis.de writes:
: I've now enabled the debugging of PCMCIA and PC-card and I'm attaching
: the snippets of /var/log/messages below, one for inserting this
: GlobeTrotter Fusion Quad Lite UMTS card, and one for some older
: 3COM network card;

Looks like it is working to me.  ugen0 attaching generally mans that
the CardBus part of the card is working.  You'll need to find out what
driver supports your card.  0x0af0 + 0x6300 doesn't appear to be in
any of them.  You'll need to try each usb driver one at a time until
you can find one that works.

: what does the message 'cardbus1: Resource not specified in CIS ...'
: means and where could I proceed?

It means that there's a BAR in the card that has no resource entry in
the CardBus CIS.  I'd ignore it for now.

: is there some good documentation
: explaining the things PC-card / cardbus / ... in detail for FreeBSD?

not really.  Blame the author.... Oh wait, that's me.  For your
3c589D, you'll need to kldload if_ep.  This is one of the best
supported 16-bit cards in the system...  I have a bunch of them that I
have deployed on my various laptops.

: I saw that FreeBSD comes with a kernel module ucom.ko, but it
: does not help to load it;

ucom.ko is best viewed as a 'base class' for tty usb devices.  Almost
all usb com devices have very similar characteristics, only certain
details differ...


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