wireless card recommendation for laptop

Michael Vince michael at roq.com
Fri Sep 23 20:27:35 PDT 2005

I bought the Netgear WG511T because it said 'Atheros' on the box and it 
couldn't of worked out as a better card for me.
It was my first time using wireless and I was setup on my newly setup 
wireless access point not much less then a minute on FreeBSD 6 with this 
I simply followed the instructions for the FreeBSD 6 wireless handbook 
and I was on.


The only difference I did between what is said here is I loaded all the 
kernel drviers as modules only instead of compiling them into the kernel.
I set it up using the latest WPA encryption mode and had it all 
automagicly working with DHCP as well using the ifconfig_ath0="DHCP WPA" 
setting in rc.conf

Yeah the older WEP encryption worked for me as well but it didn't work 
using it via dhcp for some reason I have had to manually set it via 
ifconfig command and set a route.


anon anon wrote:

> Im currently looking to purchase a wireless card, preferably mini-pci 
> for my thinkpad R40. Are there any well supported mpi/pcmcia cards for 
> fbsd. Please don’t mention the cisco mpi350 as this card has not 
> worked for me since 4.10. This card only works for about 5 minutes or 
> until it is placed under reasonable load. It then timeouts and cannot 
> be brought up unless the system is power cycled. And yes, I have 
> downgraded the firmware to 5.00.1 or whatever it is numerous times. I 
> need a card that is known to work without problems under 5.x.
> Cheers
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