Problems configuring ATI + xorg + external DVI

Frank Altpeter frank.altpeter at
Mon Nov 14 02:52:08 PST 2005

Hi there,

I just got switched from a ThinkPad T40 to a ThinkPad T42p, which,
among other things, changed me to a new ATI card, which is according
to pciconf a "Radeon Mobility M10 NT (RV350-WS)".
Usually, the notebook is plugged into a docking station that features
an analog and a digital output (so does the flat screen on my desk).

I modified my xorg.conf to reflect the new settings, but i only manage
to get the analog output to work. The T40 was able to use the DVI

The digital output is working fine when booting, but at the same
moment the X server is starting, the DVI display disappears and i need
to switch to the analog output channel.

I checked some hints from several lists and from the,
but wasn't able to find any working solution yet.

My current xorg.conf is attached. Any hints on what i could have made
wrong here are really appreciated by my eyes (which have some kind of
problem in working hours with the analog screen...).

Le deagh dhùraghd,

        Frank Altpeter

Two of the most famous products of Berkeley are LSD and Unix.
I don't think that this is a coincidence.
        -- Anonymous
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