Activate wireless on Gateway 7325GZ

Mark A-J. Raught (from the laptop) mraught at
Wed Mar 9 18:56:13 PST 2005

I have a Gateway 7325GZ. I can't get the wireless activated from FreeBSD 
5.3 or the FreeSBIE CD. In windows X(tra)P(oopy) (which I refuse to 
use!) I need to hit Fn-F2 and it enables the wireless card which then is 
enabled every time ms-crap loads. Unfotunately the key combination does 
nothing in FreeBSD. Is there a fix for this, or a different way to 
activate the card using ifconfig or maybe acpi?!?!

The card is a broadcom card which may or may not be supported, but the 
main thing is to get the wireless to come up, then I can think about 
making sure I have (or get) a supported card. I can currently use a pc 
card, but I hate the fact that I have mini-pci and have to use a pc card.

Sorry for the MS bashing above, but I get so frustrated when stuff like 
this is built towards MS without any consideration for other OSes. I 
didn't think to check for something like this and was so happy when I 
found a pretty good laptop at a decent price that didn't have any 
problems with the FreeSBIE CD when I tried it at the store. I thought 
the wireless not showing up would be a worst case of buy a new minipci 
card that will work. I never expected something like this! AARRRGH!


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