Dell Inspiron 5100

filippo forti filippof_it at
Tue Mar 8 12:44:20 PST 2005


I'm running -CURRENT on my Inspiron 5100 and, after updating (yesterday) the 
synaptics touchpad stopped working.
Bios is version A32 since two days ago. I haven't tested the mouse bvefore 
CVSupping and rebuilding the system. With bios version A04, it used to work 

According to boot -v , this is the error

psm0: unable to allocate IRQ
psmcpnp0: <PS/2 mouse port> irq 12 on acpi0
psm0: current command byte:0065
psm0: the aux port is not functioning (-1).

Sleep (S3) (which used to work when I had 5.3-STABLE on the laptop) doesn't 
work. I'm not using a modified DSDT at the moment., as i didn't find any of 
them for the 5100 using bios A32.

Does anybody know how to solve these issues?

Thanks for your help,

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