Using VESA to restore display settings on resume

Vladimir Grebenschikov vova at
Tue Mar 1 08:52:40 GMT 2005

В пн, 28/02/2005 в 20:26 +0000, Ian Dowse пишет:
>In message <200502281016.aa49779 at>, Ian Dowse writes:
>>In message <1109545918.1537.8.camel at localhost>, Vladimir Grebenschikov writes:
>>>Also if I try this patch with vesa module loaded it just carsh in vm86
>>>mode on zzz (curproc acpiconf).
>>It is probably necessary to get this working with VESA to have much
>>of a chance of it helping, since otherwise only the basic VGA
>>registers will be saved and restored.
>>One possible reason for the vm86 crash is that it appears our VESA
>>code cannot handle saving more than 4k of state data. Does it make
>>any difference if you revert the part of the patch that changed
>>STATE_MOST to STATE_ALL? i.e. change the two uses of STATE_ALL in
>>vesa.c back to STATE_MOST. I found that with SAVE_MOST, I needed
>>to switch to X and back before the console would display, but the
>>backlight did come on immediately.
>I've updated the patch at
>so that the VESA code allows up to 8k of state storage and will
>fail if the BIOS claims to need more space. Could you try this with
>the vesa module loaded and with both 0 and 1 for hw.acpi.reset_video?

Unfortunately it panics on boot with this patch. (before mounting root).
I have console just now to check what happens, will do this later and
send you panic output. 


Vladimir B. Grebenchikov
vova at

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